New book ‘Hugo’s Adventure’ Out Now!

Hugo's Adventure
Hugo’s Adventure Kindle Edition

Hugo, When I Grow Up…

Is about a small mouse who goes on a huge adventure, discovering wildlife and places far away and exploring the world through rhyme and rhythm.

Each page is rich in colour, language and imagery to help stimulate your little one’s imagination through storytelling.

The book has a theme of sailing, the ocean, sea creatures and colours and would make a perfect stimuli for a year group topic in Schools.

In the story, Hugo explains what he wants to be when he grows up. This is an excellent topic for discussion with young children who will gain allot from discussing what they could be when they become a grown-up.

The book is suitable for 3-7 year olds and is now available to purchase from






Free resources for ‘How to Shape My World’

Please find below a selection of learning activities for download, the resources are completely free for you to use as many times as you like. Please click on the links to save and download them to your computer. Once saved, you can print them on your home or school computer!

Activity Sheet- Word search – Click to download- wordsearch

Activity Sheet 1- Kind Word mind map- Click to download- activity 1

Activity Sheet 2- Kindness conversation- Click to Download- activity 2

Other online resources:

Hedgehog masks on Twinkl:

Free printable Hedgehog Masks:

Free printable colouring pages:

Idea for a kindness wall display in school:

How To Shape My World

how to shape my world book cover front 2

We all have an inner world which is shaped by our outer lives. My latest children’s book ‘How To Shape My World’ (3-7 yrs) sets out to explain to children that their inner world can be affected by the words and actions of others in the outside world. The book also encourages children to use words and actions responsibly to help to change how someone feels on the inside.

Book’s about emotional intelligence are rare, so I wanted to create something that gave children social and emotional awareness of how their behaviour effects both themselves and others.

Through reading the book, children will learn, through rhyme, that the words they use are important. The activities associated with the book are centred around current primary KS1 curriculum and in line with new requirements set out in 2018 regarding health, wellbeing and relationships.

The book is available to buy on with accompanying resources for parents and teachers. If you are interested in finding out more please do send me your email via the mailing list below!